Don't Live With a Damaged Roof

Get it fixed ASAP with roof repair service in Bellaire, TX

You might not give your roof much thought, but it plays an important role in protecting your home. When holes form or shingles fall, you need professional roof maintenance and repair. Upright Construction provides regular maintenance checks to keep your roof in good shape, as well as roof repair to fix problems when they occur.

With the right care, your roof can last for many years to come. Talk to our agents today to schedule a consultation for repair or maintenance at your Bellaire, TX home.

The 5 most common roofing issues

The 5 most common roofing issues

Over time, your roof goes through a lot. Here are five common issues that could plague your roof, leading to the need for roof repair:

  1. Lifted shingles can allow rainwater into your home.
  2. Tree limbs and branches can fall, damaging the roof.
  3. Standing water forming in a roof divot could weaken the roof.
  4. Cracks can form by expansion and contraction of roofing material.
  5. Bad gutter systems can drive water back toward the roof, causing leaks.


Roof maintenance is essential if you want to avoid the need for roof repair or replacement. Turn to Upright Construction to take care of your every roofing need. Reach out today to get the roof repairs you need in Bellaire, TX.